Fody’s Gut-Friendly Recipes


Are you a spicy food lover? This low FODMAP jerk chicken recipe will thrill you with its bold flavors, all brought together by Fody Garlic-Infused Olive Oil!


Combining curry and Fody's signature low FODMAP BBQ sauce, you'll love the distinct flavor of these moist and healthy curry BBQ low FODMAP turkey burgers!


Did you know Kellogg’s Rice Krispies are certified low FODMAP? They are, and we've used them to make these low FODMAP peanut butter and chocolate snack bars!


Orange zest, ground ginger and crunchy pecans elevate this low FODMAP fruit crumble to another level! This is an easy recipe for beginner bakers, too!


Looking for a meatless taco packed with flavor? This is it! Using small amounts of sweet potato, we keep this taco recipe low in FODMAPs, and high in flavor!


Savory for breakfast? YES! Tofu transforms when crumbled and sautéed with Fody Taco Seasoning and Fody Taco Sauce to make the tastiest, protein packed breakfast tacos!


One of our favorite low FODMAP salmon recipes, this dish is fancy enough for guests, but quick and easy enough to make as an easy weeknight dinner.

Low FODMAP Kale Caesar Salad with Chicken and Croutons

We've turned a classic chicken Caesar salad into a low FODMAP version that'll fill you up for lunch or dinner, and can be prepared in a flash - just 20 minutes!

Fody's Buckwheat Burgers with Spring Vegetable Salad

Here we have made this chewy, nutritious grain into a burger with sautéed oyster mushrooms.

Low FODMAP Shakshuka with Chickpeas and Feta

This low FODMAP shakshuka features eggs poached in Fody's pasta sauce, plus extra protein from the chickpeas and feta! Enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Low FODMAP Savory Cheddar Waffles with Poached Egg

Waffles don’t always have to be sweet, as our low FODMAP cheddar waffles showcase so well! Throw on a poached or fried egg for a delicious low FODMAP breakfast (or lunch, or dinner)!

Lemon Poppy Low FODMAP Muffins

These low FODMAP lemon poppy muffins are super easy to make, and are like a cozy hug when served and enjoyed warm straight out of the oven!

Fody's Steak & Millet Low FODMAP Grain Bowl

Who says the meat has to be the focal point of every meal? The millet and vegetables are the stars in this easy low FODMAP lunch or dinner meal idea!

Red Rice & Vegetable Low FODMAP Salad

Red rice cooks just like brown rice and has a similar nutty flavor. Here we feature it with an assortment of low FODMAP vegetables!

low fodmap turkey and rice bowls

Looking for an easy and flavor-packed low FODMAP lunch or dinner recipe ready in under 30 minutes? Try these Low FODMAP Fiesta Turkey & Rice Bowls!


Your family will love this low FODMAP spring roll recipe, featuring thin rice noodles, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, fresh cilantro and shrimp!


In this spring-like pasta dish, low FODMAP and gluten-free pasta combines fresh baby spinach, shreds of prosciutto, and peas (that's right, peas)!

Low FODMAP Short Ribs

Fody's BBQ Beer Low FODMAP Short Ribs recipe features beer (which, thankfully, is low FODMAP!), and beef braised until it's fall-apart tender.

Low FODMAP Chocolate Truffles

Dark chocolate is low FODMAP in serving sizes of 30g, and chocolate truffles are one of the most direct ways to enjoy it in a confection!


Risotto is one of those dishes that folks order in restaurants because they think it's too hard to make at home. Not so with our low FODMAP version!

Low FODMAP Pizza Quinoa Bites

A unique, bite-size take on pizza! These low FODMAP pizza bites are perfect to pack for a snack or school lunch, or pass around as hors d'oeuvres for the game.

Fody's Low FODMAP Eggplant Rollatini

This low FODMAP recipe features thin slices of cooked eggplant, rolled around a hearty ricotta filling, topped with pasta sauce and hooey, gooey melted mozzarella cheese! 


This low FODMAP Asian noodle soup with tofu is authentic as they come, combining cooked rice noodles, crisp tofu, and a tasty vegetable-enriched broth!

Fody's Red Velvet Low FODMAP Cupcakes

Who likes red velvet cupcakes? (That’s rhetorical, by the way.) This recipe isn't just low FODMAP, but gluten-free and lactose-free too! So indulge away!

Fody's Low FODMAP Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

This low FODMAP dessert is an easy candy to make at home that uses some of our most favorite ingredients – peanut butter and dark chocolate! 


This spicy low FODMAP pizza recipe packs a kick! Made with spinach, mushroom, and red pepper, enjoy a variety of flavors - without the FODMAPS!


I call this a “fusion” recipe because we are blending good old American style barbecue sauce with Korean barbecue sauce – and both are Monash certified low FODMAP, made by Fody, and ready-to-use.


Perfect for an on-the-go low FODMAP breakfast or snack, this low FODMAP berry & yogurt parfait recipe is a busy FODMAP dieter's dream!


This Low FODMAP one-pan chicken stir fry dinner is convenient, easy to prepare, and delicious! Using Fody's onion- and garlic-free sauces and marinades, this dish is perfect for the whole family!


This low FODMAP lettuce wrap recipe combines sautéed ground turkey, water chestnuts, grated carrots & red bell peppers for a whole new flavor experience!


A Tex-Mex fiesta in a bowl! This low FODMAP Mexican rice bowl packs protein, flavor, color, and so many different textures to create a low FODMAP lunch or dinner bowl that is sure to satisfy!


Hearty yet quick and easy to make, this low FODMAP vegetable soup recipe is as inviting as a blanket and tea on a cold winter's day!


This low FODMAP, vegan vegetable-stuffed spaghetti squash uses spaghetti squash as its base for a vegetable packed tomato sauce! A perfect weeknight side dish!


Did the word “garlic” in the title get your attention? These low FODMAP garlic-roasted root vegetables take mere minutes to prepare! Keep the breath mints close by, though.


This low FODMAP Frisée salad can be made in less than 5 minutes, yet it is elegant enough to be served to guests - and perfect for a group that includes those following the low FODMAP diet.


With canned pumpkin now officially a low FODMAP food, we can now all enjoy a slice of low FODMAP pumpkin pie with our holiday meal, or anytime we have a hankering for this traditional beloved dessert!


This low FODMAP carrot and potato soup takes advantage of the creamy, rich texture of potatoes and the color and earthy, sweet flavor of carrots!


These low FODMAP chocolate peppermint cookies are a classic with a hint of mint. This recipe makes a big batch - perfect for gift giving!


This low FODMAP turkey chili is the ultimate comfort food - it's ridiculously easy to make, packed with flavor, and lends itself to culinary variation!


Transform that leftover Thanksgiving turkey and potatoes into this delicious, low FODMAP shepherd's pie! Perfect for a work lunch or family dinner.


This low FODMAP stuffing - or dressing, since it's prepared outside the turkey - is a hearty vegetarian dish that'll add some variety to the dinner table!


Looking for the perfect low FODMAP side dish or hors d’oeuvres? Try this low FODMAP chicken teriyaki meatball recipe - it'll top any Chinese food takeout!


Want an easy, gluten-free, low FODMAP recipe that works well for breakfast, snacks and bake sales? Try this pumpkin spice low FODMAP cake recipe!


Try these super simple low FODMAP pumpkin spiced waffles when you want to pull out all the stops for a low FODMAP breakfast or brunch for guests!


This low FODMAP cranberry nut cake, dotted with fresh cranberries, is festive enough for guests or a party, but easy enough to make for a bake sale or a casual office party!


This low FODMAP fish and veggies recipe involves cooking in a parchment paper packet, making for an easy and fun recipe - and clean up is a breeze!

Fody's Italian-Inspired Sheet Pan Low FODMAP Chicken & Beans

This one-pan Low FODMAP chicken recipe brings together the flavors of garlic, zucchini, tomatoes, and red wine for a satisfying - and simple - meal!


This quick & easy low FODMAP chicken and rice one-skillet dinner recipe smells incredibly enticing while it is cooking - and tastes even better!

Low FODMAP Quinoa Salad With Kale & Sweet Potato

This Low FODMAP Quinoa Salad with Kale & Sweet Potato recipe is high in taste, and low in FODMAPs. A perfect work lunch or quick weeknight meal!


This one-pot low FODMAP pork dinner recipe is hearty and features an assortment of seasonal low FODMAP vegetables like carrots, potatoes & celery root!