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When you stock your shelves with FODY products, it's easy to follow a Low FODMAP diet to treat your irritable bowel syndrome!

Living symptom-free has never been easier and more delicious. FODY's line of convenient Low FODMAP snacks, sauces, and kitchen staples will keep you from missing out on the foods you love, and allow you to unleash your full potential through one of our many Low FODMAP recipes!
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Low FODMAP Diet Recipes

Created of, by & for people with digestive distress

It is estimated that between 10-15% of the global population live with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). At FODY, we believe that nothing should hinder your freedom – especially not food. This is why we set out to take the stress and guess work out of which IBS foods to avoid.

As your trusted partner in Low FODMAP diet recipes and foods, we exist to remove the stress and anxiety of IBS, and bring back the joy in eating. We want you to live free of IBS symptoms and still be able to eat convenient, delicious foods you love, at any time of the day.