Fody’s Gut-Friendly Recipes

Fody's Low FODMAP Cocktail Meatballs

Sure, I love dipping my fries in ketchup, but what about using it as an ingredient? These low FODMAP appetizers use ketchup as a flavorful tomato base in both the meatball itself as well as the sauce!

Fody's Low FODMAP Deviled Eggs with Salsa Avocado

Deviled eggs are a classic dish - easy to make, easy to eat, high protein and they are endlessly adaptable. Here's our recipe for Low FODMAP Deviled Eggs with Salsa Avocado, taking them into Tex-Mex territory!

Fody's Low FODMAP Korean Barbecue Short Ribs

Fody's Korean Low FODMAP BBQ Sauce & Marinade works magic on flanken-style short ribs, making for an authentic Korean favourite that's safe for IBS!


This is a perfect weeknight low FODMAP dinner - it’s made in one pan and you can get it on the table in 20 minutes if you are organized!

Low FODMAP Shrimp Tacos with Green Enchilada Sauce

This dish is special enough for guests (who don’t mind eating with their hands), yet easy and quick enough for a weeknight.

Fody Easy Weeknight Low FODMAP Teriyaki Chicken

With some chicken parts (I am partial to moist, meaty thighs) and a bottle of Fody Teriyaki Sauce & Marinade, dinner will be on the table SOON!

Fody Low FODMAP Salsa Quinoa Egg Cups

These are easy to make, protein-packed, portable and reheat really well, making them perfect for breakfasts on-the-go.


This Low FODMAP Tex-Mex Quick Chicken, Veggies & Quinoa recipe is quick and easy to make, features accessible ingredients, and is safe for IBS eaters!

Fody Salsa & Tortilla Low FODMAP Vegetable Soup

This light, brothy soup is packed with low FODMAP vegetables like carrots, parsnips, zucchini, kale and leek and scallion greens but right before serving you embellish it with a shower of tortilla chips and cheese making for a very flavorful!


This Simple Bone-In Low FODMAP Roast Beef recipe is elegant enough to say “party” or “holiday”, but easy on the cook!

Low FODMAP Stuffing with Turkey Sausage & Currants

This classic bread-style Low FODMAP stuffing with turkey sausage and currants is the perfect complement to your holiday turkey, ham, pork or roast beef!

Savory Overnight Low FODMAP French Toast

This Savory Low FODMAP French toast is a do-ahead low FODMAP breakfast that can be prepped the night before (10 minute prep!) and then slipped into the oven when needed.

Marinated Low FODMAP Mozzarella & Olives

Need a quick low FODMAP hors d’oeuvres recipe? This Simple Low FODMAP Mozzarella & Olives recipe is it!

Low FODMAP Coconut Snowballs

Finally, coconut and FODMAPs can be used in the same sentence (safely). These Low FODMAP Coconut Snowballs are perfect for you coconut lovers!

Low FODMAP Chocolate Tart

This is a chocolaty, decadent and rich low FODMAP chocolate tart features an easy cookie-crumb crust and a rich low FODMAP chocolate ganache filling.


This Low FODMAP lasagna soup recipe marries traditional Italian flavors with IBS-friendly ingredients to create a classic dish worthy of restaurants along Venice’s Grand Canal.


This easy Low FODMAP gravy recipe will be your new favorite Low FODMAP recipe, allowing you to enjoy homey Low FODMAP biscuits and gravy anytime!


Fody's Stuffed Low FODMAP Turkey Breast with Sausage, Cranberries & Pecans is a fresh way to prepare turkey that's perfect for people with IBS!

Fody's Low FODMAP Pecan Pie

This Low FODMAP pecan pie with Low FODMAP pie crust is filling & satisfying - we guarantee it'll quickly become one of your go-to Low FODMAP desserts!

Low FODMAP Pie Crust

This all-purpose buttery, flaky, gluten-free low FODMAP pie crust can be used for savory dishes like quiche, or your favorite sweet pies!

Low FODMAP Cheese Recipe: Baked Goat Cheese With Greens

This Low FODMAP cheese recipe features one of our favorites: goat cheese! With a side of healthy greens, it's a balanced meal for people with IBS!

Mummified Low FODMAP Cupcakes

These Mummified Low FODMAP Cupcakes are adorable, delicious, and will keep both your IBS symptoms and hunger pangs under wraps!

Fody's Sheet Pan Low FODMAP Shrimp Tacos

Wrapped in Bibb lettuce cups and complemented by zucchini and bell peppers, this low FODMAP shrimp taco recipe is light, nutritious, and guaranteed IBS symptom-free!

Low FODMAP Snickerdoodle White Chocolate Blondies

What is a “snickerdoodle”? It's a sugar-style cookie with a cinnamon-sugar topping, which we've reimagined for eaters following a low FODMAP diet!

Low FODMAP Crostini with Lemon Thyme Goat Cheese

This low FODMAP crostini recipe, with delicious lemon thyme-infused goat cheese, is a low FODMAP appetizer that couldn’t be easier to make!

Fody's Low FODMAP Shepherd’s Pie

This Low FODMAP Shepherd's Pie recipe brings color and flavor to a classic dish, while retaining its low FODMAP food profile!

Slow Cooker Low FODMAP Short Ribs

This Low FODMAP short rib recipe is a crowd-pleaser, both FODMAPers and foodies alike. The flavor even improves after a night in the fridge!

Slow Cooker Low FODMAP Chicken Soup

Not just a remedy for the cold, this low FODMAP chicken soup is light yet satisfying, including white and dark chicken for extra succulence!

Low FODMAP Salad with Roasted Squash & Kale

We want to get you to think beyond lettuce for your salads! Get creative with this Low FODMAP Salad recipe featuring roasted squash & kale!

Low FODMAP Quiche with Bacon & Leeks

Low FODMAP quiche, a classic custardy, savory pie, is a delicious treat for breakfast or lunch. Try our low FODMAP version with bacon and leeks!

Low FODMAP Stir Fry with Chicken & Peppers

A stir-fry is an easy weeknight meal. This Chicken & Peppers Stir Fry uses FODY Garlic-Infused Olive Oil to bring garlicky flavor to a mixture with chicken, red and green bell peppers, carrots, soy sauce, ginger and a little heat from hot red pepper flakes. 

Low FODMAP Tomato Soup with Corn & Basil

How lucky are we that tomatoes, corn and fresh basil are all in season at the same time - and are Low FODMAP! Check out this recipe for Low FODMAP Tomato Soup with Corn & Basil!

Low FODMAP Oatmeal Cookie Energy Balls

These little Low FODMAP Oatmeal Cookie Energy balls are packed with protein, fiber and will sustain you during busy days at school or the office!

Low FODMAP, Gluten-Free Strawberry Shortcake with Cornmeal Biscuits

Shortcakes are possibly our #1 favorite low FODMAP dessert. How can you beat juicy berries, tender, flaky, buttery biscuits, and whipped cream?

Low FODMAP Potato Salad Recipe with Bacon

If you are anything like us, you love potatoes, and you love bacon. This Low FODMAP Warm Potato Salad with Bacon combines both of these Low FODMAP foods, and just might become your new favorite!

Low FODMAP Pasta Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Feta & Dill

This low FODMAP pasta salad features corkscrew Fusilli pasta with fresh cherry tomatoes, cucumber and lots of fresh dill in addition to your choice of dressing: we suggest either Fody's Garden Herb or Caesar Low FODMAP Salad Dressing.


One of our hit low FODMAP beef recipes for the summer, these low FODMAP burgers are seasoned to perfection and then layered with fresh green lettuce, crisp bacon, and then slathered with FODY's sweet and tangy Low FODMAP BBQ Sauce!

Low FODMAP Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps

Imagine all the trappings of a chicken Caesar salad rolled up in a rice flour tortilla wrap, Low FODMAP style! Crisp Romaine lettuce, juicy chicken, Parmesan cheese and garlicky croutons (made with Fody's Garlic-Infused Olive Oil) coated in thick and creamy Fody Caesar Salad Dressing.

Low FODMAP Steak Salad with Corn & Tomatoes

If you have meat lovers in your life who claim they don’t like salad, try this Low FODMAP steak salad recipe and we bet they change their minds.

Low FODMAP Pancakes, Dutch Baby Style

One of our more unique low FODMAP breakfast ideas, a low FODMAP Dutch Baby Pancake is a large pancake cooked in a hot skillet that resembles a puffy omelet or a soufflé. It's looks impressive, yet it's easy to make!

Grilled Low FODMAP Vegetables

Steaks and hamburgers might be your first thought when it comes to summer grilling, but this recipe is about all the fabulous low FODMAP vegetables that we can grill, whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or just looking for a great side dish!

Low FODMAP Chicken Tikka Masala

This low FODMAP chicken tikka masala recipe comes courtesy Dianne Benjamin, the author of The Low-FODMAP Cookbook: 100 Delicious, Gut-Friendly Recipes for IBS and Other Digestive Disorders, and runs the blog Delicious As It Looks.

Low FODMAP Vegan Quinoa & Low FODMAP Salad with Cilantro Pesto

We love fresh green low FODMAP salad and we also love the way simple grains add protein and fiber to our meals. Our newest way to eat them is together, in generous proportions of greens alongside vegan quinoa. Perfect for a side dish at dinner or for lunch!

Salmon with Asian Low FODMAP BBQ Sauce

Fody Low FODMAP BBQ Sauce is great right out of the bottle, but did you know that you can doctor it up to become something completely different? In this recipe from chef Dédé Wilson, we use Asian pantry ingredients to bring an Asian flare to salmon.

Spring & Summer Roasted Vegetable Low FODMAP Lasagna

What makes this low FODMAP lasagna suitable for Spring and Summer? A lighter approach with low fat cheeses and loads of seasonal veggies! It takes some time to put together, but it is not difficult and it will please FODMAPers as well as everyone else.

Low FODMAP Baking: Rhubarb Muffins with Yogurt & Almonds

Cue the drum roll, please. No FODMAPs have been detected in rhubarb, according to Monash University! It looks like pink-ish or red celery. has a similarly crunchy texture and is quite tart, bordering on sour. If you are a tart lover, you will love rhubarb in your low FODMAP baking.

Low FODMAP Overnight Oats with Berries

Oats are a low FODMAP food if enjoyed in small quantities. We like to make hot cooked oatmeal for breakfast, an occasional batch of oatmeal cookies, and this recipe for Low FODMAP oats with strawberries from Dédé Wilson, author of The Low FODMAP Diet: Step By Step.

Low FODMAP Pancakes with Crunchy Nut Topping

Start your day off right with this delicious recipe for low FODMAP pancakes with a crunchy nut topping! Avoid IBS symptoms with this simple, fast, low FODMAP recipe that's high in flavor, and low in FODMAPs!

Low FODMAP Bruschetta Recipe - Tomato, Leek & Turkey

This low FODMAPbruschetta recipe featuring Tomato, Leek, and Turkey is adapted from The Low FODMAP 6-Week Plan & Cookbook by Suzanne Perazzini. Enjoy your favorite appetizer again, free from IBS symptoms!

Low FODMAP Shrimp Recipe with Green Peppers and Feta

This one-dish low FODMAP shrimp recipe combines sautéed scallions and green bell peppers, with fresh basil, diced tomatoes and an abundance of shrimp! The recipe is an adaptation from Dédé Wilson, author of 17 cookbooks, including co-author of The Low FODMAP Diet: Step By Step.