Recipes Filtered By One Pan Meals

Fody's Sheet Pan Teriyaki Veggie Fried Rice

There’s nothing better than a home cooked version of your favorite take out dishes and this Sheet Pan Teriyaki Veggie Fried Rice packs a flavor punch to prove it!

Fody's BBQ Bacon Sheet Pan Breakfast Bake

Looking for a quick and easy breakfast recipe that’s virtually hands off + will please a crowd? Well, look no further than this delicious BBQ Bacon Breakfast Bake featuring FodyFoods BBQ Sauce.

low fodmap chicken and rice skillet in a cast iron pan

Fody’s Tex-Mex inspired Low FODMAP chicken and rice skillet is an easy 30-minute recipe the whole family will love. Top with cheddar cheese and Fody Salsa Verde, and enjoy!

sheet pan salmon and sweet potatoes low fodmap dinner

We love sheet pan salmon recipes! Everything gets cooked in the oven and in one pan – what could be easier? This version makes for the perfect Low FODMAP dinner.

Fody's Low FODMAP Roasted Chicken, Chickpeas & Peppers

We're always looking for new Low FODMAP chicken recipes, and this one-pan roasted chicken dinner is a delicious one! Pair it with rice or a salad tonight.


Fody’s Creamy Tomato Basil Penne with Spinach and Mushrooms is a colorful, plant-based, and veggie-packed Low FODMAP pasta recipe. Serve this recipe as-is for a flavorful vegan dish or top it with a serving of shrimp, scallops, or chicken for a boost of protein.



Stuffed peppers are a classic comfort food dish and there is no reason we can’t have a low FODMAP version. 

Fody's Low FODMAP Eggplant Rollatini

This low FODMAP recipe features thin slices of cooked eggplant, rolled around a hearty ricotta filling, topped with pasta sauce and hooey, gooey melted mozzarella cheese! 


Did the word “garlic” in the title get your attention? These low FODMAP garlic-roasted root vegetables take mere minutes to prepare! Keep the breath mints close by, though.


This low FODMAP fish and veggies recipe involves cooking in a parchment paper packet, making for an easy and fun recipe - and clean up is a breeze!

Fody's Italian-Inspired Sheet Pan Low FODMAP Chicken & Beans

This one-pan Low FODMAP chicken recipe brings together the flavors of garlic, zucchini, tomatoes, and red wine for a satisfying - and simple - meal!


This quick & easy low FODMAP chicken and rice one-skillet dinner recipe smells incredibly enticing while it is cooking - and tastes even better!


This one-pot low FODMAP pork dinner recipe is hearty and features an assortment of seasonal low FODMAP vegetables like carrots, potatoes & celery root!


One large sheet-pan, chicken, vegetables, shallot-infused Oil, and Fody's Low FODMAP Lemon Herb Seasoning are all you need for this low FODMAP dinner!

Fody's Low FODMAP Salad Nachos

These Fody Low FODMAP Salad Nachos are LOADED! They have ground turkey, cooked quickly in a skillet with Fody Taco Sauce, lots of cheese, creamy dressing and topped with a salad.

Low FODMAP Shakshuka Recipe

This easy, versatile low FODMAP dinner idea consisting of poached eggs in a highly seasoned tomato sauce, originated in North Africa and is popular throughout the Middle East. The original approach uses lots of onions, which we've replaced with scallion greens in this low FODMAP shakshuka recipe!

One-Pan Low FODMAP Chicken & Veggies Recipe

There's a reason why one-pan dinner dishes are getting a lot of attention these days: ease! This One-Pan Low FODMAP Chicken & Veggie recipe will get your dinner on the table in just 1 hour of cooking time, with just 5 minutes of prep time!

Low FODMAP Chicken Roasted with Fennel, Carrots & Potatoes

This is a one-pan dinner that gets food on the table fast. Low FODMAP Chicken Roasted with Fennel, Carrots & Potatoes is the kind of dish you will be turning to once a week - for dinner and for its versatile leftovers. Enjoy without any fear of aggravating your IBS symptoms!

Cheesy Low FODMAP Beef & Pasta, One-Pan Style

Need to serve the kids a hearty supper before the big soccer game without triggering anyone's IBS symptoms? This simple recipe for one-pan cheesy low FODMAP beef and pasta is the perfect solution. Eat your fill and get everyone in the minivan without worrying about your digestive health.