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A cooling rack covered with a holiday treat: Fody's Chocolate Peppermint Glazed Donuts. These gluten-free donuts are chocolate colored, with a white glaze and a sprinkling of crushed candy cane.

Looking for the easiest, tastiest holiday treat to serve family + friends this holiday season? Look no further than these Chocolate Peppermint Glazed Gluten-Free Donuts featuring a festive candy cane garnish. They are so moist + fudgy you’d never know they were gluten free!

Holiday treats: a white platter covered in Fody's Chocolate Peppermint Truffles, surrounded by small green-and-red candy canes.

A fudgy chocolate peppermint center enrobed in decadent dark chocolate! These delicious almond-flour truffles are so easy to make and the perfect holiday treat!

An image of low-FODMAP holiday desserts: squares of Fody's Pomegranate + Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Bars neatly arranged over a light background.

The subtle hints of fresh orange + cinnamon make these cheesecake bars the perfect low-FODMAP holiday dessert your friends and family will love, but these classic flavors are sure to be a hit during any season!

Three cups of Fody's No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake Mousse sit on a cutting board sprinkled with decorative cinnamon. In the background behind the pumpkin cheesecake, three orange gourds decorate this image of a low FODMAP dessert.

Pumpkin cheesecake gets taken up a notch with this light and airy dessert! Buttery cookie crumbles for the crust, spiced velvety smooth mousse in the middle and a dollop of sweet whipped cream on top! This low FODMAP dessert is the perfect sweet treat for the holidays!

Fody's Monster Rice Krispies Treats

Whip up some fun this Halloween with these spooky rice krispies treats! They’re made with only 3 ingredients then dipped in colored white chocolate & decorated with sprinkles and candy eyes! Your whole family will love them!

Fody's Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Bread with Cream Cheese Glaze

Take your pumpkin spice obsession to the next level with this deliciously cozy (and gluten-free) pumpkin spice bread recipe. It’s perfect for breakfast, snacking or dessert and is sure to become a regular part of your fall baking routine!

gluten-free baked donuts with funfetti

Deliciously moist and bursting with flavor, these Gluten-Free Baked Donuts are the perfect treat for any celebration! Coated in a rich, vanilla glaze this Low FODMAP dessert will have you reaching for seconds every time.

Fody's Raspberry Dark Chocolate Crisp

Love is in the air with Fody’s decadent Raspberry Dark Chocolate Crisp. The crumble comes from the combination of Fody’s dark chocolate snack bars and gluten-free almond flour, and it gives this rich dessert another layer to love. It's tart, sweet, warm and perfect for when berries are in season.

Low FODMAP Gluten-Free Key Lime Cheesecake Bars next to a Fody Snack Bar

These key lime cheesecake bars are the perfect balance between sweet and tart, making them the perfect Low FODMAP dessert to keep the summer vibes going strong.

3 Fody S'Mores Bars on a plate

Rich and sweet, our Low FODMAP S'Mores bars will instantly transport you campfire-side with delicious layers of cocoa, marshmallow, and a graham cracker crust.

fody's gluten-free pb&j bars

Did someone say PB& J, as in peanut butter and jelly? In bar form? Absolutely! This is our gluten-free take on this all-American classic Low FODMAP dessert.

Fody's Low FODMAP Gluten-Free Gingerbread Loaf

Cozy up to another one of Fody's low FODMAP holiday recipes – a gingerbread loaf that will fill the air with magical aromas. FODMAP-friendly, down to the decorations.


This low FODMAP smoothie bowl is loaded with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C. The tropical flavors of pineapple, pitaya, and fresh lime will transport you beachside. Add your favorite toppings and enjoy it with a spoon!


These are easy-to-make gluten-free brownies with the nutritional boost of grated zucchini and oats. You get to have a fudgy treat and a boost of fiber and vitamin C. 


As far as easy low FODMAP fourth of July dessert ideas go, trifles not only improve upon standing, but they are easy to transport and can feed quite a few folks.


Did you know Kellogg’s Rice Krispies are certified low FODMAP? They are, and we've used them to make these low FODMAP peanut butter and chocolate snack bars!


Orange zest, ground ginger and crunchy pecans elevate this low FODMAP fruit crumble to another level! This is an easy recipe for beginner bakers, too!

Lemon Poppy Low FODMAP Muffins

These low FODMAP lemon poppy muffins are super easy to make, and are like a cozy hug when served and enjoyed warm straight out of the oven!

Low FODMAP Chocolate Truffles

Dark chocolate is low FODMAP in serving sizes of 30g, and chocolate truffles are one of the most direct ways to enjoy it in a confection!

Fody's Red Velvet Low FODMAP Cupcakes

Who likes red velvet cupcakes? (That’s rhetorical, by the way.) This recipe isn't just low FODMAP, but gluten-free and lactose-free too! So indulge away!

Fody's Low FODMAP Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

This low FODMAP dessert is an easy candy to make at home that uses some of our most favorite ingredients – peanut butter and dark chocolate! 


Perfect for an on-the-go low FODMAP breakfast or snack, this low FODMAP berry & yogurt parfait recipe is a busy FODMAP dieter's dream!


With canned pumpkin now officially a low FODMAP food, we can now all enjoy a slice of low FODMAP pumpkin pie with our holiday meal, or anytime we have a hankering for this traditional beloved dessert!


These low FODMAP chocolate peppermint cookies are a classic with a hint of mint. This recipe makes a big batch - perfect for gift giving!


Want an easy, gluten-free, low FODMAP recipe that works well for breakfast, snacks and bake sales? Try this pumpkin spice low FODMAP cake recipe!


This low FODMAP cranberry nut cake, dotted with fresh cranberries, is festive enough for guests or a party, but easy enough to make for a bake sale or a casual office party!


You don't have to be the Cookie Monster or IBS-free to indulge in cookies for breakfast. Try this simple, low FODMAP cinnamon raisin walnut cookies recipe!


This Low FODMAP Berry Cobbler recipe is extremely easy to make - the biscuit topping is nothing more than a drop biscuit - so no rolling pin required!


These frozen low FODMAP blueberry snack pops are easy to make - all you'll need is blueberries, a tiny bit of maple syrup, and lactose-free yogurt!


This low FODMAP, lactose-free vanilla ice cream recipe is very straightforward and does not require you to make a custard base using eggs!


There are many low FODMAP fruits than can be enjoyed, and these Fody Grilled Fruit Skewers are a great way to go due to its built-in portion control!


These Low FODMAP Dark Chocolate Chip Whiskey Bars are simple, yet elegant - easy to whip up, one batch feeds many, and they're portable for snacktime!

Low FODMAP White Cake with Strawberries & Sprinkles

This white cake with creamy vanilla frosting and strawberry filling is perfect for any time you want an old-fashioned layer cake, low FODMAP style!

Fody Low FODMAP Chocolate Almond Brownies

These gluten-free, low FODMAP brownies are based on almond flour, making them perfect for when you want a flour-free dessert to curb your chocolate cravings!

Low FODMAP Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

These Low FODMAP Chocolate Shortbread Cookie Hearts are a buttery, rich shortbread with a deep chocolate taste!

Low FODMAP Coconut Snowballs

Finally, coconut and FODMAPs can be used in the same sentence (safely). These Low FODMAP Coconut Snowballs are perfect for you coconut lovers!

Low FODMAP Chocolate Tart

This is a chocolaty, decadent and rich low FODMAP chocolate tart features an easy cookie-crumb crust and a rich low FODMAP chocolate ganache filling.

Fody's Low FODMAP Pecan Pie

This Low FODMAP pecan pie with Low FODMAP pie crust is filling & satisfying - we guarantee it'll quickly become one of your go-to Low FODMAP desserts!

Low FODMAP Pie Crust

This all-purpose buttery, flaky, gluten-free low FODMAP pie crust can be used for savory dishes like quiche, or your favorite sweet pies!

Mummified Low FODMAP Cupcakes

These Mummified Low FODMAP Cupcakes are adorable, delicious, and will keep both your IBS symptoms and hunger pangs under wraps!

Low FODMAP Snickerdoodle White Chocolate Blondies

What is a “snickerdoodle”? It's a sugar-style cookie with a cinnamon-sugar topping, which we've reimagined for eaters following a low FODMAP diet!

Low FODMAP Oatmeal Cookie Energy Balls

These little Low FODMAP Oatmeal Cookie Energy balls are packed with protein, fiber and will sustain you during busy days at school or the office!

Low FODMAP, Gluten-Free Strawberry Shortcake with Cornmeal Biscuits

Shortcakes are possibly our #1 favorite low FODMAP dessert. How can you beat juicy berries, tender, flaky, buttery biscuits, and whipped cream?

Low FODMAP Pancakes, Dutch Baby Style

One of our more unique low FODMAP breakfast ideas, a low FODMAP Dutch Baby Pancake is a large pancake cooked in a hot skillet that resembles a puffy omelet or a soufflé. It's looks impressive, yet it's easy to make!

Low FODMAP Baking: Rhubarb Muffins with Yogurt & Almonds

Cue the drum roll, please. No FODMAPs have been detected in rhubarb, according to Monash University! It looks like pink-ish or red celery. has a similarly crunchy texture and is quite tart, bordering on sour. If you are a tart lover, you will love rhubarb in your low FODMAP baking.

Low FODMAP Cake Recipe: Flourless Chocolate Cake

This Flourless Low FODMAP Cake Recipe is perfect for the holidays, or any time of year really - and if you have gluten-free needs, it fits that bill, too! This low FODMAP chocolate cake is rich, creamy, light, and luscious - you only need a tiny slice of this cake to feel satisfied!

Low FODMAP Banana Bread

A perfect baked good for any time of day, banana bread is a perennial favorite and there's good reason why! This low FODMAP banana bread works well for breakfast with a touch of peanut butter and packs easily for a school or office snack. Plus, it stays moist for days!

Low FODMAP Baking: Confetti Cupcakes

If there's a special occasion coming up for the little ones, there's no better way to make it even more special than with sprinkle-laden cupcakes. However, store-bought sweets could endanger your digestive health. Get your low FODMAT baking on with these low FODMAP Confetti Cupcakes!

Salted Low FODMAP Chocolate Chip Cookies

A modern, low FODMAP spin on an old favorite, this recipe for Salted Dark Low FODMAP Chocolate Chip Cookies will delight you and your family's tastebuds with the savory mixture of sweetness and saltyness. Easy to make and worry-free!