Committing to a way of eating that makes you feel good is easier said than done! Between commuting, busy work and social schedules and the unpredictability of everyday life, it’s easy to live off fast-food and snack foods, which can leave you feeling bloated, tired and cranky. 

Luckily, here’s Fody’s take on the full day of eating trend! No matter the kind of week you’re having, this menu will give you some serious inspiration for how to plan your day’s meals like a champion!

Full Day of Eating Version 1: Super Quick!

Busy day? No sweat! All these meals come together in less than 15 minutes, and are the perfect blend of gut-friendly and delicious.

Breakfast: Fody’s Low FODMAP Berry & Yogurt Breakfast Parfait

Even on the busiest days, you should still make time for breakfast! This parfait comes together in just a few minutes. The perfect blend of healthy fats and protein in the yogurt will give you the energy to power through your morning, with the added crunch of a chopped-up gut-friendly granola bar making for some luxurious (and easy) everyday eating for gut health. 

Lunch: Fody’s Chipotle Veggie Wrap

Whether you’re eating out of a lunchbox or you just need to whip something up between Zoom calls, this filling Chipotle Veggie Wrap on gluten-free tortillas is your new BFF for staying full and energized. Bonus tip: if you’re able to cook the rice ahead of time, this dish can come together extra fast! Luckily, wraps are also super customizable, so you can have variety with minimal effort; try Fody’s BBQ Chicken Salad Wraps for a fun twist.

Snack: A small portion of chips 

You heard us right – a small portion of low-FODMAP, gluten-free chips can be just the thing for a busy day on the go. Our tip? Pour out or pre-pack a portion of chips to avoid overeating, and save room for dinner! 

Dinner: Fody’s Gluten-Free Margherita Pizza

Quick and easy doesn’t mean sacrificing style! This margherita pizza comes together in just 15 minutes, and makes the perfect end to a busy day. The secret? The pre-made gluten-free crust makes prep a breeze!

Like wraps, there are endless possible variations on pizza; try a Greek pizza with feta if you’re feeling extra salty, and whip up a quick salad on the side if you’re feeling extra hungry.

Full Day of Eating Version 2: Enjoying the Weekend

When you have some free time and you get that urge to cook, here are some gut-friendly, no-bloat recipes to keep you busy and feeling good!

Breakfast: Fody’s Low FODMAP Tropical Smoothie Bowl

Kick off the day in style with this super-simple smoothie recipe. Simple enough to make minimal clean-up and leave you lots of room to enjoy the morning, these smoothie bowls are customizable, and with a couple of toppings and some imagination, you can create a truly spectacular looking (and tasting!) dish. 

Lunch: Fody’s Cheeseburgers Stuffed Peppers

Comfort food, comfort food, comfort food…there’s nothing like a twist on some old-fashioned favorites on a Saturday at home! These stuffed peppers are delicious any time of the year, and Fody’s ketchup really makes them sing; unlike your typical fast-food cheeseburgers, they’re also gluten-free, and won’t leave you feeling bloated.

Snack: Fody’s Sliced Veggies with Homemade Ranch Dip

A little bit of slicing goes a long way in this recipe! Featuring an easy, homemade ranch dip that brings freshness to every bite, this is a snack to sit down and enjoy as a family – or break it out for you next movie night! Tip: With a little bit of prep, this is also an ideal snack to take on-the-go.

Dinner: Fody’s Broiled Lobster with Creamy Tomato Polenta 

Deceptively simple and incredibly delicious, broiled lobster is an easy meal that will feel luxurious and satisfying, both while you’re cooking it and while you’re eating it! Feeling like something that feels even fancier, while somehow being easier? Why not try your hand at Fody’s Seared Tuna Steaks with Sauteed Kale?

A full day of eating is what you make it; with a little bit of preparation and some well-chosen ingredients, you can enjoy a delicious, bloat-free dining experience every day at your own home! Enjoy!

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