As we rediscover our own backyards this Summer, more families and friend groups are turning to local adventures, like weekend camping trips at a nearby site. Unfortunately, for those of us with IBS, the prospect of spending a couple of nights in a tent with only a porta-potty to turn to, can quickly go from family fun to having the runs. With Fody’s tips on planning a low FODMAP camping trip, you’ll have one less thing to worry about as you get packed up and prepped.

1. Start with Low FODMAP Meal Prep 

It never hurts to plan ahead (In fact, in this case, it might hurt not to). Especially if your camping trip is a remote overnighter, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of low FODMAP meals and snacks on hand before heading out. Since you’ll be busy packing bug spray, camping gear, sleeping bags, cooking stoves, and a million other things to keep your loved ones occupied, you’ll want to turn to our easy low FODMAP grocery list to take the hard work out of food shopping. 

It may not seem like fun to plan your low FODMAP breakfast, lunch, and dinner in advance, but trust us, you’ll be thanking yourself when you get to go into total vacation mode on the trip.

2. Do a Little Low FODMAP Cooking At Home

Although you’ll probably be packing a cooler, rather than having access to a fridge, there are lots of meals you can make at home that will last a few hours (or even a few days) without the need for refrigeration. Think simple comfort foods that can be prepped in advance. Try making a big batch of gluten-free pasta, oiling it lightly so it doesn’t stick, and keeping it in a Tupperware container until it’s ready to use. These versatile low FODMAP kitchen staples can go a long way, doubling as a spaghetti and meatball dinner and pasta salad lunch for the next day.

3. Stick with One-Pan Meals, Whenever Possible

With your one- or two-burner camping stove in tow, you likely won’t have room for elaborate low FODMAP meals that require endless amounts of cookware to make. Instead, why not minimize the mess, by making as many one-pan recipes as possible during your camping trip. 

4. Cut Down on Any Stressors in Advance

Getting ready to go on a big trip (or even a mini one) can be a stressful experience for many. Between all the unknowns (like what the weather will bring or where the nearest toilets will be located), and coordinating the details for the whole group, camping prep can get a little hectic at the best of times. Since stress is a well-known IBS-trigger, however, you’ll want to lower those cortisol levels to help keep unwanted IBS symptoms at bay. Try focusing on the positives, like the awesome experience you’re about to have, and you’ll already be in the right mindset for a stress-free low FODMAP camping trip!

For more tips and information on IBS and the low FODMAP diet, check out Fody’s blog or to get all the ingredients you need for your low FODMAP camping trip, head to our shop.

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