A Low-FODMAP Charcuterie Board Is an Exciting Charcuterie Board!

A gut-friendly charcuterie board? Yes, it’s a thing, and it can make the holidays a little tastier for everyone! With just a few simple tweaks, your snack platter can be a crowd-pleaser while including people who are conscious of their digestive health, or just doing their best to manage unenjoyable IBS symptoms and still enjoy their time with family. 

That’s the great thing about low-FODMAP foods: they’re nutritious and delicious for everyone. There are plenty of delicious cheeses, dips, nuts, and meats that you can include on your snack platter this holiday, so get ready to pick out your favourites, mix and match, and customize!

Say Cheese! 

First thing’s first: no, not all dairy products have to be avoided, and yes, you can include plenty of cheese on a low-FODMAP snack platter. Not all cheeses are high in lactose, and therefore many can be enjoyed in the proper serving sizes. Listed below are a few of the many gut-safe, delicious cheeses you can include on your holiday charcuterie board. 

  • Cheddar cheese (40 grams per serving) 
  • Brie (40 grams per serving) 
  • Manchego (40 grams per serving) 
  • Camembert (40 grams per serving) 
  • Monterey Jack (40 grams per serving) 
  • Blue cheese (40 grams per serving) 

The Charcuterie Part: Meats and Meat Substitutes 

If you aren’t vegetarian or plant-based, consider including cold cuts and deli meats on your charcuterie board. Most meat is low in FODMAPs, so it’s another great way to dress up your board and beef it up (pun intended) with delicious, tummy-friendly snacks. 

Beef, pork, most white meat and fish are all low-FODMAP. Soy products are also generally low-FODMAP, meaning that those on a plant-based diet can include meat substitutes such as tofu and tempeh products. When preparing your charcuterie board, just beware of processed meats with added preservatives and other ingredients, as these can include flavouring such as onion or garlic. When in doubt, consult your deli or grocery store, check the ingredients, or head to our favourite go-to resource, the Monash University FODMAP diet app.

Go Nuts With Your Low-FODMAP Charcuterie Board!

Looking for a way to fill in the gaps between cheese, veggies and meat? Go nuts! Many nuts and legumes are perfectly fine to eat on a low-FODMAP diet, so feel free to add nuts such as almonds, pecans, walnuts, and Brazil nuts. Try playing with the presentation by sprinkling little piles of nuts across your board, or include them on your table or on the board itself in pinch bowls or shallow dishes.

Another finger food you can include to your heart’s content is olives! You can even make your very own marinated olives to add colour and zest to your platter. It’s the details that really bring a snack spread together, so don’t be afraid to add plenty of extras.

Dips for Days!  

If you’re looking for a dip, what could be easier than hummus? Whether you’re trying it for the very first time or it’s a holiday snack platter staple in your household, the tweaks in this Garlicky Low-FODMAP Hummus make it delicious for everyone without sacrificing any of the flavour. Spoiler alert: the secret is Fody’s Garlic-Infused Olive Oil, which delivers the taste without the discomfort. If hummus isn’t your thing, you could try adding a comforting classic like this homemade spinach and feta dip to wow everyone. 

Of course, impressing your family and friends with some good dips doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of time in the kitchen. The best thing about charcuterie boards is that they can be as simple or as ornate as you want, and you can spend all day preparing them, or just a few minutes. After all, what spread would be complete without chips and salsa

Making a gut-friendly charcuterie board with something for everyone doesn’t have to be complicated! A few twists on classics can make a delicious world of difference and will mean a lot to your guests who won’t have to miss out!

Feeling inspired? Head over to our products to shop delicious gut friendly staples! If you’re really ready to go for it and celebrate in style, keep the fun going right into your holiday dinner with a selection of delicious holiday recipes!

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