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Our Experiences with an IBS FODMAP Diet Plan

So many of us suffer in silence with IBS symptoms. During IBS Awareness Month, we ran a contest dedicated to sharing stories of our experiences with living with IBS and following the low FODMAP diet. So many of you shared your stories, and photos of your beautiful, smiling faces.

Gluten & The Low FODMAP Diet

Okay let’s get this out right up front - the Low FODMAP diet is NOT a gluten-free diet. That said, you probably have noticed that there are many gluten-free suggestions especially while on the initial Elimination Phase of the diet, so we understand the confusion. 

What Can Trigger IBS Symptoms?

Various different factors come into play where the triggering of IBS symptoms is concerned. Apart from FODMAPS, let’s look at some of the major triggers.

Low FODMAP Passover Recipes & Tips

How do you throw a Low FODMAP seder? If you or a family member is following the Low FODMAP diet, this is probably a question that's been swirling about in your mind.

New Look, Same Delight!

At Fody Foods, we want to eat (and live) life to the fullest. We hope our bright, friendly new packaging will inspire you to smile inside and out every day!

FODMAP Elimination Plan: Clean Eating for Results

Before FODMAPs, clean eating often meant eating lightly and was connected to weight loss or a general sense of well-being. So, what does clean eating mean for someone following the Low FODMAP diet?

How to Make a Low FODMAP Nourish Bowl

Low FODMAP Nourish Bowl. Buddha Bowl. Grain Bowl. Whatever you call them, they are everywhere, and we love ‘em! A low FODMAP nourish bowl starts with a bowl of your favourite grains, greens, veggies, protein, and maybe even fruit - this is healthy comfort food at its finest.

Low FODMAP Valentine’s Day Celebrations!

A Low FODMAP Valentine’s Day conjures up two food images for us: the little “conversation hearts” candies that we traded in elementary school, and fine chocolates and champagne. Luckily for us on the Low FODMAP diet, we can still enjoy those sugary heart-shaped candies, champagne, and good dark chocolate!

A Low FODMAP Dinner: 6 Steps to Hosting a Great American Tradition

Whether you are assembling to watch Presidential debates, holiday parades, or the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the common denominator is of course food and drink! We'll tell you how to plan a Low FODMAP Dinner for your next Great American Tradition in 6 steps.

Low FODMAP Meal Planning as Your New Year’s Resolution

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to embark on the Low FODMAP diet, or re-commit to your Low FODMAP lifestyle, and there are certain strategies that will greatly increase your chances of success.

Cooking with Low FODMAP Leftovers

Following a Low FODMAP diet means thinking about every single thing we put in our mouths. So, wherever we can make something easier - like creatively reimagining Low FODMAP leftovers in our dishes - we should take advantage!

Hosting a Low FODMAP Dinner for FODMAP Followers & Friends

When you're hosting a low FODMAP dinner, you can choose recipes that are catered to guests with IBS, shop for the proper low FODMAP ingredients, and control the food preparation, ensuring a best-case scenario for you and your hungry guests.

How to Survive a High FODMAP Food Party

For most folks, holiday and party food is something to look forward to. For those of us with IBS, a high FODMAP food party can be a nightmare.

Baking Low FODMAP Foods for the Holidays

We believe that following a Low FODMAP diet shouldn’t stop you from enjoying holiday baking (and the eating that comes along with it)!

Mindful Eating Tips for FODMAPs and IBS

What is “mindful” eating for FODMAPs and IBS? And how does it connect to our Low FODMAP lifestyle? We share advice in balancing your lifestyle, IBS symptoms, and food choices around the holidays, so you make informed decisions when it comes to FODMAPs and IBS.

A Message from our Founder,  Steven J. Singer

To our Fody friends, customers, advisors, researchers and to the amazing passionate Fody team, your passion for Fody Foods inspires us every day.

A FODMAP Diet Plan: Advice for Mindful Eating

A Low FODMAP diet plan is all about rules, food lists, portion sizes, and combinations of foods. It can be overwhelming on knowing what to eat, and what to avoid. Here are some suggestions on staying mindful while following a FODMAP diet plan, which is the key to truly feeling your very best!

Is a Low FODMAP Diet Plan for Me?

I am here to clarify all of the questions you may have about who this groundbreaking Low FODMAP diet plan is for – read closely, because it might be perfect for you!

Traveling with IBS: 5 Tips for Traveling on The Low FODMAP Diet

Eliminating foods that are high in FODMAPs may work while you're at home and in control of your food choices, but the thought of travelling with IBS to a new city or country may leave you feeling anxious.