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How to Survive a High FODMAP Food Party

For most folks, holiday and party food is something to look forward to. For those of us with IBS, a high FODMAP food party can be a nightmare.

Baking Low FODMAP Foods for the Holidays

We believe that following a Low FODMAP diet shouldn’t stop you from enjoying holiday baking (and the eating that comes along with it)!

Mindful Eating Tips for FODMAPs and IBS

What is “mindful” eating for FODMAPs and IBS? And how does it connect to our Low FODMAP lifestyle? We share advice in balancing your lifestyle, IBS symptoms, and food choices around the holidays, so you make informed decisions when it comes to FODMAPs and IBS.

A Message from our Founder,  Steven J. Singer

To our Fody friends, customers, advisors, researchers and to the amazing passionate Fody team, your passion for Fody Foods inspires us every day.

A FODMAP Diet Plan: Advice for Mindful Eating

A Low FODMAP diet plan is all about rules, food lists, portion sizes, and combinations of foods. It can be overwhelming on knowing what to eat, and what to avoid. Here are some suggestions on staying mindful while following a FODMAP diet plan, which is the key to truly feeling your very best!

Is a Low FODMAP Diet Plan for Me?

I am here to clarify all of the questions you may have about who this groundbreaking Low FODMAP diet plan is for – read closely, because it might be perfect for you!

Traveling with IBS: 5 Tips for Traveling on The Low FODMAP Diet

Eliminating foods that are high in FODMAPs may work while you're at home and in control of your food choices, but the thought of travelling with IBS to a new city or country may leave you feeling anxious.