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From FOMO to FODMAP: Stop Missing Out Because of IBS

If you’re like 80% of IBS sufferers, you’ve likely missed out on one or more of life’s major events due to your condition and its uncanny way of popping up at the exact moment that you asked it not to.


If you’ve noticed a recent change in your little one’s poop or if they’re troubled by stomach pains on a regular basis, your child might be suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


For most kids, school can make stomachs turn, but for those with IBS, it’s literal. Take the stress out of school lunches with these 7 easy IBS recipes.


The brain is a powerful thing, and being mindful can be a tool to manage IBS symptoms if you’re out of Tums. Here are a few techniques you can try.


If you have IBS, there’s nothing more harrowing than the evil sounds of ice cream truck bells ringing in your ears come summertime.


Work is stressful enough, and adding on IBS concerns won’t ease your anxieties. Here are some ways to deal with IBS symptoms when you’re in the office.

What You Shouldn’t Say to Someone with IBS or on a Low FODMAP Diet

People love to think they’re experts on the various maladies and diets they’ve heard from the internet, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and the low FODMAP diet are no exception.

3 Low FODMAP Recipes for Your Summer Picnic

The lack of clean washrooms in public parks can make picnics impossible for IBS sufferers, but they don’t need to be with these low FODMAP recipes.

5 Incredible Yoga Poses to Manage IBS Symptoms

Probably most famous for its relaxing techniques that alleviate aches and pains and stress, yoga is also proven to provide symptom relief for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other gastrointestinal disorders.

Managing IBS on Your Summer Vacation

These tips on managing IBS during your vacation will help keep GI symptoms in-check as your activity, diet, and environment changes during your travels.

What is FODMAP Stacking?

Even if you’re in the green for particular FODMAP groups, you still need to be cautious and mindful of FODMAP stacking on a low FODMAP diet.

Answered: Google’s Top Questions about FODMAPS

Countless searches related to the low FODMAP diet are typed into Google every day in North America. Here are the answers to the most common questions.

The Low FODMAP Diet: A Flatulence (Fart) Stopper

Having trouble controlling embarrassing flatulence? Learn how people with IBS are limiting outbursts of ‘tuba playing’ with a low FODMAP diet.

Answered: Google’s Top Questions about IBS

Thousands of searches related to irritable bowel syndrome are typed into Google every month. Here are the answers to the most common questions asked.


Too many people have held back on living their lives because the foods they eat...

A Low FODMAP Mother’s Day Brunch

Your mom’s smart. She probably knows what you’re getting her for Mother’s Day before you do.

What you can try is a throwback idea she'll never expect: making your mom a classic Mother’s Day brunch (not breakfast, let the woman sleep in).

7 Low FODMAP Meal Prep Tips For Stress-Free Eating

Cooking and eating on a low FODMAP diet doesn’t need to be stressful. Here are some low FODMAP meal prep tips to keep you stress-free.

March Madness: Low FODMAP Snack Food for College Basketball Parties

There are 2 things college basketball parties need: a game & good snack food. But finding low FODMAP snacks is hard. Here’s how to make your own!

The Best Blogs about IBS

Following a good IBS blog is like having a trusted friend who commiserates with you, and gives time-tested advice, not to mention recipes that won’t aggravate your symptoms.

3 Easy Low FODMAP Baking Recipes

There’s no greater danger to your low FODMAP diet than the wafting smells tempting you towards the bakery section of the grocery store.

No Onion or Garlic? No Problem

No garlic or onion? No worries. There are a number of ways to add vibrancy and zest to your low FODMAP dishes without these pillars of flavor.

Fall in Love with these Low FODMAP Valentine's Day Recipes

The way to your loved one’s heart is through their stomach. But if they have IBS, you’ll need Low FODMAP Valentine's Day recipes like these to win them over.

Low FODMAP Smoothie Recipes for Breakfast

Waking up is hard, so make breakfast easy with these healthy & delicious low FODMAP smoothie recipes!

The Skinny on Low Fat FODMAP Recipes

Not only can you cut FODMAPs from your diet, but remove fat at the same time. Try these healthy, low fat FODMAP recipes!

The Top 3 FODMAP Diet Mistakes

Don’t start a FODMAP diet on the wrong foot (food?)! Learn about common FODMAP diet plan hiccups and how to avoid them.

Holiday Gifts for Foodies: The Low FODMAP Edition

Let’s face it, you’re tired of buying fruitcakes, and your friends and family are tired of receiving them. Spice things up for the epicureans in your life with these low FODMAP gifts for foodies!

Festive Low FODMAP Holiday Recipes

Holiday entertaining can be hard when you’re on a low FODMAP diet, especially when your in-laws are sitting at the dinner table waiting and eager to make passive-aggressive comments about your cooking.

A Low FODMAP Thanksgiving Guide

Following a low FODMAP diet? Then you need a low FODMAP Thanksgiving strategy to get you through the day (often the whole weekend!) safely and deliciously.

Hosting a Low FODMAP Thanksgiving

We’ll show you how to put together a simple Thanksgiving feast that’s high in flavor and low in FODMAPS. This is how you gobble gobble ‘till you wobble, the low FODMAP way!

Wicked Low FODMAP Halloween Recipes

There’s nothing scarier than the thought of being left out of Halloween eating festivities, all thanks to that IBS monster rearing its ugly head when you try to enjoy the finer candies in life.

Is Low FODMAP Candy & Chocolate a Trick or Treat?

Before sending your little trick or treaters out there, you should be aware of the low FODMAP candy and chocolates you can safely indulge in.

Putting Together Your Own Low FODMAP Slow Cooker Recipes

There are many recipes developed just for the slow cooker, but sometimes we want to use the gadget with a Low FODMAP recipe of our own devising.

A FODMAP Diet Plan vs. A Regular Diet

Here’s why a low FODMAP diet plan is more individualized, more sustainable, and ultimately more beneficial than a regular diet for those with IBS.

Foods to Eat with IBS

Which foods irritate IBS symptoms? We identify the common culprits, along with suggestions for similar, low FODMAP alternatives.

Which Low FODMAP Foods Should I Include in My IBS Diet?

What types of foods should you include in your IBS diet? We outline low FODMAP foods that can fit into any low FODMAP diet.

Finding Low FODMAP Fast Food Options

Need to grab a quick bite? Fody explains how you can still follow your low FODMAP diet on the go with low FODMAP fast food options.

What are FODMAPs?

It’s one of the first questions to come out of the mouths of those recently diagnosed with IBS: “What are FODMAPs?”, often with an expletive weaved in somewhere.

Understanding Low FODMAP Nutritional Guidelines

Not all the prepared food products that you encounter in the store are certified as Low FODMAP - so how do you tell what is Low FODMAP and safe for you to eat?

The Best Low FODMAP Vegetables for Your Summer Menu

Summer’s winding down, signaling an end to pool parties, BBQs, and getting drinks with those mini umbrellas floating inside them. But before you trade in your sandals for sweaters, take advantage of all the fresh, seasonal produce that’s readily available at your grocery store!

Low FODMAP Sandwiches from FODY

We all know how to make sandwiches, right? But how about Low FODMAP sandwiches? They are no harder to make, once you have the right bread, condiments and chosen fillings. Let’s take it step by step.

Getting Ready for Back-To-School: A Low FODMAP Diet for Children

It’s that time again! Whether you are a teenager or young adult who monitors his or her own diet or the parent of a younger FODMAPer, you will have the best chance of success if you are prepared from Day 1.

How to Stock Your Low FODMAP Pantry

Keeping your pantry stocked with low FODMAP kitchen essentials will help you stay the course on your low FODMAP diet journey!

Low FODMAP Snacks for Your Summer Road Trip

Never brave gas station beef jerky again with our Low FODMAP snacks that are the perfect traveling companions for planes, trains, and automobiles. 

Summer & Finding FODMAP Diet Success

Summer is here, and whether you're embarking on a diet or are an old-hat, the season can present its own set of challenges when it comes to your low FODMAP diet success.

Summer Cookout Menu Ideas: The Low FODMAP Diet Edition

We are on a diet that most folks do not understand, which means the best chance we have at experiencing a lovely, IBS symptom-free day is if we come up with our own FODMAP-friendly Summer cookout menu ideas.

Low FODMAP Dairy vs. Lactose: What are the Differences?

Most of us envision a glass of milk or a hunk of cheddar and think these represent dairy as well as lactose - and they do - but these foods have some very important differences when it comes to FODMAP dieting.

Following a FODMAP Diet Plan

From the 1000+ responses to our most recent low FODMAP living survey, we learned a lot about people who are experiencing the incredible benefits of a FODMAP diet plan.

Grilling Your Favorite Low FODMAP Meats and Vegetables

Warmer weather is upon us and that means we are going to be spending more time outside with the grill. Whether you have a gas grill or are partial to hardwood charcoal, there is no reason you can’t enjoy grilling season while adhering to a Low FODMAP diet.

The Best Ways to Use Low FODMAP Salad Dressing

Whether you whip up your own low FODMAP salad dressing or take advantage of our new line of Fody's FODMAP Salad Dressings, we want to encourage you to think outside the box. Drizzling on salad greens is obvious, but if you stop there you are missing out!

Low FODMAP Diet Portion Sizes: How Much Can I Eat?

After we ask, “What Can I Eat?” when we're told we should follow the Low FODMAP diet, the next question is often, “How Much Can I Eat?” We answer your low FODMAP diet portion sizes questions, and the recommended servings from our list of low FODMAP foods.