The most beloved and the most reviled time of the year is almost here…bathing suit season! Whether you’re in a one-piece, a two-piece, trunks or something in between, you want to show up looking and feeling your best to enjoy the sand and surf. Here are our top tips for reducing bloating and making the best of your days at the beach this summer!

You Feel Good When You Eat Good Food!

Focusing on your nutrition and exercise is important to reduce beach bloat both before and during your excursion. This DOES NOT mean radically altering the way you eat, over-exercising, or not eating enough to stay fueled up. It simply means paying attention to the way you feel, and doing what makes you feel good! A few do’s and don’ts to help you reduce bloating include:

DON’T: Munch on High-Sodium Foods

It’s well-known that high-sodium foods can lead to bloating. Avoiding highly processed snack foods or fast food is a good idea in general; however, it’s even more of a good idea when it comes to feeling your best in a bathing suit!

DO: Drink LOTS of Water

Say it with us: Water. Is. Your. Friend. 

Skip the alcohol, pop and fizzy water, all of which can contribute to making you feel puffy and not-so-great, and instead focus on staying well hydrated while you’re enjoying the sun. A general rule of thumb is to drink 8 glasses of water per day; check out this article to find out exactly how much H20 you should be taking in (hint: this tip is not just for at the beach!) 

DON’T: Go Nuts on the Leafy Greens

At Fody, we sure do love our veggies! But if you eat a lot of cruciferous veggies like broccoli and kale, you know all about the *digestive* side effects that come along with the benefits. If you want to reduce beach bloat, it’s generally a good idea to hit pause on the cabbage for a couple of days. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your favorite salads, though; check out our recipes section to find our best no-bloat salads that will make your mouth water!

DO: Know Yourself (and How to Reduce Bloating for YOU!)

If you’re particularly worried about bloating and you experience it frequently, it may be a good idea to find out what’s going on down there. If you think there’s a possibility that a food intolerance such as IBS or gluten sensitivity could be impacting the way your food makes you feel, always consult your doctor or primary physician to learn more.

DO: Keep Some No-Bloat, Gut-Friendly Snacks On Hand!

Beach food is notoriously greasy and loaded with salt and sugar (when it’s not sandy!), so what can you do to avoid beach bloat and feel your best all day? Packing and preparing can do wonders for your day out, so bring a bottle (or two!) of water, and pack your own delicious snacks! Healthy and bloat-free doesn’t mean that food can’t be fun; you can opt for a classic with Fody’s no-bloat chips, or go for a twist with gut-friendly snack bars (just eat them before they melt in the sun!). 

With a bit of planning and some ice packs, you can even prepare and bring your own healthy, no-bloat snacks to make sure that you stay energized and feeling good all day. The sky's the limit on what you can create; check out our recipes for some ideas to get started! 

DO: Get Some Exercise!

No matter how you like to move, make some time for it in the days leading up to the beach! This isn’t just for beach prep and it’s not about cramming in enough sit ups to get a six-pack by the next day; it’s about getting your blood pumping, keeping your mood positive and, in some cases, even helping with digestion!

Bottom Line: Bloated or Not, You Have a Beach Body!

Everyone has their own relationship to wearing a bathing suit; for some it’s a chance to show off and enjoy, and for others it’s intensely anxiety-inducing. Our secret? How you feel doesn’t depend on your body, and it doesn’t depend on what you eat the day of or even in general. Feeling great in a bathing suit starts with loving yourself and just rocking it, no matter what! So get out there and focus on what really matters – being yourself, having fun, and enjoying your life. Our final tip: don’t forget the sunscreen!

To find out more about reducing bloating and eating a gut-friendly diet that leaves your body feeling its best, check out our blog and browse our products!

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