Stomach bloat is a common symptom almost everyone experiences at some point in their lifetime. Although it’s no fun to feel like a balloon about to burst, there are many ways to relieve bloating and get back to feeling good again.

10 Ways to Relieve Bloating

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1. Sip and chew slowly and mindfully

Scarfing down your meals may seem efficient during a busy day, but it could be the very thing causing your stomach to bloat. Try making mealtime “you time,” by mindfully slowing down your chewing and sipping, giving the food time to settle properly on its way down.

2. Swap carbonated drinks for still beverages

It’s not rocket science, gassy drinks = gassy stomach. To help relieve bloating, skip the sugary sodas, and have some water or tea instead. Especially if you’re prone to having multiple sodas during the day, you may just notice the difference in bloat reduction.

3. Avoid drinking through a straw

The common thread with some of these bloated stomach remedies is to eliminate the amount of air going into your system. Believe it or not, drinking through a straw could be one of the culprits. If you’re able to drink directly from the glass or bottle, go right ahead! Plus, you’ll be doing the environment a favor while you’re at it.

4. Check for lactose intolerance, gluten-sensitivity or IBS

This one is major! If you’re already taking steps to get rid of bloating, but it just won’t seem to go away - the underlying reason may be medical. If you suspect you may have a food allergy, sensitivity, or even Irritable Bowel Syndrome, talk to your doctor and take the necessary steps from there. If the culprit turns out to be IBS, Fody Foods and Medical News Today recommend giving the Low FODMAP diet a try to help reduce bloating and other associated IBS symptoms.

5. Have a peppermint tea

If you’re looking for a natural remedy for bloating, peppermint oil could be it. Acting as an antispasmodic, it relaxes the smooth muscles in the intestine and helps reduce symptoms of indigestion, gas, and bloating. Whether you take peppermint in tea or capsule format, it should help!

6. Cut down on sodium intake

Since salt retains water, a high sodium intake could lead to swelling, bloating, and all-around stomach discomfort. By watching your sodium intake, you may also get to watch your stomach bloating go down.

7. Eat more gut-friendly foods

The best foods for gut health will depend heavily on your own body, however, there are foods that actively focus on helping with symptoms of digestive distress and bloating. Know your own triggers? Try taking a little extra time at the grocery store reading through labels and looking for foods that don’t contain those ingredients. And if you don’t, why not start a daily food diary to get to know your own body a little better.

8. Do some stretching and/or go for a walk

These days, we often get so busy, we forget to take a few minutes to stretch it out or get up and get moving. Unfortunately, sitting idly may not be doing your stomach bloating any favors. If you’re wondering how to relieve bloating fast, try adding these 5 yoga poses to your practice, or simply go for a spin around the block during your lunch hour.

9. Avoid chewing gum and cigarettes

Chewing gum and cigarettes are two other ways of introducing more air into your digestive system. By swapping that gum for a mint and ditching that smoking habit (or at least cutting down), you may be helping reduce bloating.

10. Ease up on Beans and cruciferous vegetables

Certain foods, like broccoli, cauliflower, beans, and legumes, are known for their magical ability to make you… well, you know how the saying goes! If you’re wondering what foods cause bloating, these could be a couple of the culprits, but of course, this will differ for every person. If you think IBS is the underlying issue, here are two great lists of foods to avoid and foods to enjoy when you have IBS.

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