(Sept. 15, 2020) Fody™ Food Co., the food company bringing back the joy in eating for people with digestive issues, is thrilled to debut its line of delicious, clean ingredient, onion- and garlic-free pasta sauces at 1500 Kroger stores across America. Fody’s bright periwinkle packaging is easy to spot on shelf, and the NO ONION, NO GARLIC label will help guide customers with gut troubles to Fody’s delicious line of Monash-certified low FODMAP sauces. The products are also certified vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO verified.

Fody Foods’ rollout onto Kroger shelves marks an important step in the company’s evolution to help people with digestive troubles easily live and eat life to the fullest. The company’s gut-friendly, bloat-free foods make healthy eating less worrisome and more wholesome for the nearly 1 in 7 Americans who currently struggle with food intolerance or digestive issues.  

“The foods we eat often determine our gut health,” said Steven J. Singer, founder and CEO of Fody Foods. “At Fody, we want Americans to be able to enjoy all the foods they love without the worry of digestive distress.  We are thrilled that Kroger is partnering with us to make this possible.”

Helping those who silently suffer from food-related digestive issues has been Singer’s lifelong passion. Prior to founding Fody Foods, Singer realized there was a need in the market for gluten-free foods to help people with Celiac disease and gluten allergies, which led to his founding of Glutino, one of the largest gluten-free food brands in the world today. Today, Singer is focused on the 45 million Americans who struggle with IBS or IBS-related symptoms, a statistic that drives Singer’s current innovation in the food space.

For more information on Fody Foods and to find Fody products at a store near you, visit www.fodyfoods.com.


About Fody Food Co.
Fody™ Food Co. is a proud B Corp certified company, committed to bringing back the joy in eating for the more than 45 million people suffering with food intolerance, IBS and other digestive discomforts. Fody is a one-stop shop for delicious, gut-friendly products in a variety of categories including sauces, salsas, marinades, condiments, dressings, seasonings and snack bars. To purchase products, locate Fody in-store, or to find recipes and resources on following a low FODMAP diet, visit fodyfoods.com.

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