As a heatwave sweeps the top half of the planet, we’re overwhelmed with ideas on how to make the most of summer! One of our favorite hobbies is parking our butts in the backyard and having a good ‘ole-fashioned summer BBQ. 

Playing host may seem like a daunting task when you’re on the low FODMAP diet, but with our help, and Fody’s new range of low FODMAP BBQ sauces, planning the perfect summer bbq just got a whole lot easier!

Pretend You’re Hosting a Major Event- Even if it’s Just a Party for One!

No matter the size of your social circle, you can still enjoy the company of your closest family and friends, and take your BBQ party from everyday to extraordinary.

We’re talking about the works- cute matching outdoor plates, cups, and cutlery, themed decorations, string lights, and even sparklers- because, why not! Since we’ve all been trapped indoors over the past couple of months, adding a little extra flair goes a long way.

We’re firm believers that whether it's a party for one or a feast for the whole family, you can take advantage of the season by hosting the perfect low FODMAP BBQ!

BBQ Party Menu Planning: Pull From Our Easy Low FODMAP BBQ Recipes!

This bit is E-Z! Over the years, our incredible team of registered dieticians, nutritionists, and low FODMAP food bloggers, have put together a whole range of delicious low FODMAP BBQ recipes, lunch ideas, side dishes and the like. Whether you enjoy slow-cooked pork, burgers, or even grilled fruit skewers, we’ve got a great cookout food list to suit any palette! 

Many of our low FODMAP recipes take under an hour to make, and each one even comes with portion recommendations, so that you’re never in the dark about what to eat or how much of it to have. 

The Venue: Backyard BBQ or Public Picnic?


If you’re (understandably) looking for a change of scene, why not take your BBQ party on the road by heading to your nearest neighborhood park? Even in big cities, there are often pockets of greenspace where you’ll be able to host a summer cookout. If you’re happier in your own backyard- we get that too!- take our decorating advice and transform your place until it feels like you’re at the hottest new BBQ restaurant in town! The idea is to make the event as special as possible.

Now that we’ve given you some BBQ party ideas to explore, it’s time to get to work on picking your venue, inviting your guests (even if they live with you), and pulling out some decorations! 

Once you’re all wrapped up, don’t forget to send us a picture of your low FODMAP BBQ party for a chance to get featured on our Facebook or Instagram feed!

Ready to get started? Shop the low FODMAP ingredients you need to host the perfect summer BBQ!

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