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Low FODMAP Garden Herb Dressing | Onion & Garlic Free

Low FODMAP Garden Herb Dressing
Gluten, Lactose, Onion & Garlic Free


Lettuce eat!

Dress up any meal with mouthwatering flavor. Our Low FODMAP salad dressing formulas feature extra virgin olive oil, expeller-pressed sunflower oil, Himalayan pink sea salt, raw organic cane sugar (among other delicious and clean ingredients), and are gluten, lactose, onion and garlic free!

One serving of this product has been tested and certified Low FODMAP by Monash University.



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There are no FODY recipes that use this product yet. See all our low FODMAP recipes here.


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Keep perfecting please

Initially, the description of Fody’s Garden Herb dressing sounded delightfully light. After tasting it however, I found it more like a pungent mayonnaise. If this were a blind taste test, I’d be unable to pinpoint the individual “clean ingredients”. I had to double-check the label. I tried it several times on salads, because I really wanted to like it. It’s a huge undertaking to please everyone, and I applaud Fody for trying to bring salad dressings to the IBS masses. Perhaps they will keep experimenting with their dressing recipes.

spicy and minty, yet flavorless

this is the first fody salad dressing i've tried. i hope the others are better. this is simultaneously spicy and minty, yet without any other flavor. do not like. do not recommend.


INSANELY SPICY :( I wanted to love this but my lips are red and burning an hour after eating my salad. I'm wondering if I got a bad batch or if this is normal? This is the first salad dressing product I have purchased from FODY before.

Not for me

So I don’t understand I got put on this FODMAP DIET do to stomach issues!!! I buy this dressing cause salad is part of this diet and put this dressing on it and it is so hot my mouths burning all the way down to my stomach now heartburn is crazy why in the heck would you make this SPICY when this is for people having stomach issues THIS MAKES NO SENCE PEOPLE,


The garden herb dressing has a strange taste to it. I was hopeful and tried several different times and just cannot get on board with it.

The garlic infused olive oil however is great!