Kitchen spring cleaning isn’t just about getting rid of those half-empty bottles lurking at the back of the fridge; it’s also about reassessing what we use in our cooking, how often, and how it makes us feel. This spring, why not check your pantry and fridge for those sneaky high-FODMAP condiments and seasonings that may be upsetting your stomach? Here are Fody’s favorite pantry cleaning tips for spring to make your kitchen more gut-friendly!

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tip #1: Check The Salad Dressings In Your Fridge

Even if your low-FODMAP fruits and veggies are all accounted for and you’ve measured out your nuts by hand, you may still find that your stomach is having a hard time coping. This could be down to what you’re putting in your salad. You may have heard the oft-quoted factoid that most fast food salads are less healthy than burgers. This comes down to the dressing, and it’s a great example of the importance of paying attention to ingredients: salad dressings are often packed with inflammatory oils, added sugar, and salt that can leave sensitive stomachs upset. 

Many people struggle to eat plain salads, and you may be left wondering if time-consuming, hand-mixed vinaigrettes are your only option. Luckily, a simple switch to low-FODMAP salad dressing is an easy fix to replenish your stock after your pantry cleaning and to make your gut-friendly salads pay off. Keeping clearly labeled bottles of salad dressing in a specific section of your fridge, such as a door shelf, will help you remember to use them up regularly and avoid waste. 

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tip #2: Half-Empty Sauces and Condiments 

Every fridge has those half-finished jars of pasta sauce that were saved with good intentions. Think back to the last time you used pasta sauce in your cooking – how did you feel? If you often feel bloated and less-than-great after preparing your favorite pasta dish, the noodles might not be the culprit! Many conventional pasta sauces contain less-than-tummy-friendly ingredients such as garlic and onion which can undo your careful efforts to pick gluten-free pasta and gut-friendly veggies – and that’s before we get into the huge amounts of sugar, salt, and preservatives that are loaded into many widely-available jarred pasta sauces.

This doesn’t mean that you have to break out a kilo of tomatoes and start simmering your own sauce on a Monday evening. Making sure you have healthy, anti-inflammatory staples on-hand in order to whip up delicious, tummy-friendly weekday meals will help you enjoy your food all the more! Our best pasta sauce kitchen spring cleaning tip: get rid of those ancient half-eaten jars, and avoid adding new ones to the collection! Find imaginative ways to incorporate left-over pasta sauce into your meal rotation to use up leftovers and save space in your fridge; you can use it to spice up a weeknight flatbread pizza or incorporate it into fun meals like these mini-sliders, as well!

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tip #3: What’s In Your Spice Rack? 

If your spice rack or drawer is a mishmash of smudged-labeled jars with a mysterious teaspoon of powder left in each, it’s time to organize! Everyone has a different relationship to their spices, and it doesn’t just have to do with your dietary preferences; each culture has its own way to use and blend spices to achieve the best flavor.

When it comes to your gut health, most of what’s on your spice rack is hard to get wrong. According to Monash University, many herbs are naturally low-FODMAP; this means that when you’re organizing or replenishing your spices, you don’t have to worry too much. On the other hand, issues can arise with seasoning mixes that are high in salt and include garlic and onion as central ingredients. This fact may not be obvious, and may require scrutinizing the label to find out why they contribute to bloating and discomfort. However, you don’t need to be a spice blending expert to be able to enjoy the perfect balance in your meals! Opt for clearly labeled spice blends that contain neither garlic, nor onion, nor excessive salt.

Kitchen spring cleaning is a great way to freshen up your home, and it’s also a great way to reassess the way you cook! Sauces, seasonings and condiments play a huge part in making our food delicious and in how we feel about it. 

Your seasonings play a huge part in how you feel! Shop Fody today to check out our staples and to learn more about preparing delicious, no-bloat meals that will leave you feeling comfortable and satisfied!

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