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  • Chicken Soup Base
  • Chicken Soup Base
  • Chicken Soup Base

Chicken Soup Base

Low FODMAP, No Onion, No Garlic & Gluten Free!
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This is gut love. 

Fody’s easy-to-digest Chicken Soup Base is made from all-natural, premium ingredients like chicken, rosemary and other savory spices. It’s more than just delicious - it’s love at first bite. 

Why are we easy to digest?

We've removed triggering ingredients that can cause digestive discomfort so that you can eat your favorite foods bloat-free. Because let's be real - when your gut is happy, you are too. And your gut deserves Fody!

Low FODMAP, no onion, no garlic.

Size: 10.6 oz (300g)


Salt, Dehydrated Chicken, Rice Flour, Chicken Fat, Sugar, Celery, Sage, Turmeric, Rosemary Extract.

Nutritional Facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 223 reviews
Alicia N.
Good substitute for boulion

I use this in many different dishes. I use it as a seasoning and use it in soups. It's very versatile.

Robert A.
Jar broken, no response from Fody Foods

I've been a customer for years and rely on their products. But a recent order arrived with a broken jar, which happens, I know. What is disturbing is the lack of response from customer service. Improvement is needed in this department.

Too salty

The main ingredient in this product is sodium.

Steve C.-.F.A./.C.s.2.
Great Tasting Soup

What a relief for my wife to have found a ready made soup that is Fodmap friendly!

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