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Low FODMAP Maple Dijon Dressing | Onion & Garlic Free – FODY Food Co. - USA

Maple Dijon Salad Dressing

Gluten, Lactose, Onion & Garlic Free


Lettuce eat!

Dress up any meal with mouthwatering flavor. Our Low FODMAP salad dressing formulas feature extra virgin olive oil, expeller-pressed sunflower oil, Himalayan pink sea salt, raw organic cane sugar (among other delicious and clean ingredients), and are gluten, lactose, onion and garlic free!

One serving of this product has been tested and certified Low FODMAP by Monash University.


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Very good salad dressing

This is actually a very good gluten free, dairy and garlic free salad dressing. I just found it had too much black pepper for my taste. Others may appreciate it.

Maple Dijon Dressing

I absolutely love the taste of this dressing! What is nice is that a little bit goes a long way as well. I love it on salads, wraps, as a dipping sauce, etc. It's pretty universal! I will definitely keep buying this one.

Not quite but almost

I really enjoy a good Honey Mustard dressing so was excited to try Fody’s Maple Dijon dressing. I’ve tried it several times on salads and really want to love it, but it’s not quite doing it for me. One reviewer ruminated that it might be too “sour”. Not sure if that’s it either, but it’s maybe a little too thick and too powerful with the mustard for my taste. I desire another flavor to balance it out. Another reviewer said they used this as a dipping sauce. If Fody repackaged this as a dipping sauce, rather than a salad dressing, with a Ranch sauce for say chicken wings or chicken tenders, I’d believe that to be a better match. Your mileage may vary. Fody, please keep trying and perfecting!

Discouraged by packing process

The taste and quality of the product is very good, but I'm rethinking ordering from FODY again because in the last two orders, the items were wrapped so tightly that I had a hard time getting them unwrapped. One of the bottles was broken but I didn't realize that until I had cut the tape and saw the mess on the inside of the bottle packing material. Luckily I didn't cut myself and while FODY refunded me the amount, I felt that they didn't respond in a way that addressed what seems to be the issue - too much tension on the bottles - or show any concern over how dangerous a broken bottle can be.


Maple Dijon Salad Dressing

Gluten, Lactose, Onion & Garlic Free