• Caesar Salad Dressing
  • Caesar Salad Dressing
  • Caesar Salad Dressing
  • Caesar Salad Dressing
  • Caesar Salad Dressing
  • Caesar Salad Dressing

Caesar Salad Dressing

Low FODMAP, No Onion, No Garlic, Vegan!
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This is gut love. 

Introducing Vegan Caesar Dressing. Using clean, high-quality ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, gluten-free tamari and Himalayan pink salt, we make salad dressings that are both delicious and worry-free.

Why are we easy to digest?

We've removed triggering ingredients that can cause digestive discomfort so that you can eat your favorite foods bloat-free. Because let's be real - when your gut is happy, you are too. And your gut deserves Fody!

Low FODMAP, no onion, no garlic.

Size: 8 oz (236g)


Oil Blend (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil), Water, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Ground Mustard, Sea Salt, Nutritional Yeast, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Rosemary Extract, Black Pepper, Xanthan Gum.
May contain: Soy, Sesame.

Nutritional Facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews

I can't even describe what it tasted like. But it was instantly revoluting.

Gross…just Gross!!

This tastes nothing like Caesar dressing…it tastes like I imagine used motor oil tastes. I had to sniff hand sanitizer to get the awful smell out of my head. I’d rate it with negative stars but that’s not an option. I have to throw it out!! 🤢

New recipe terrible compared to old recipe

Please please please bring back the old recipe!! This new one is terrible compared to the old delicious one!!

Absolute Fave

A salad with this dressing on top is my favorite food, no question! I could easily go through two bottles a week (every single week!) if money were no object. Please hold a giveaway, Fody! I need a lifetime supply.

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