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  • Mild Salsa
  • Mild Salsa
  • Mild Salsa
  • Mild Salsa
  • Mild Salsa
  • Mild Salsa
  • Mild Salsa

Mild Salsa

Low FODMAP, No Onion, No Garlic!
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This is gut love. 

Introducing Mild Salsa. Using fresh, premium ingredients, we craft authentic salsas that are more than just delicious - they’re love at first bite.

Why are we easy to digest?

We've removed triggering ingredients that can cause digestive discomfort so that you can eat your favorite foods bloat-free. Because let's be real - when your gut is happy, you are too. And your gut deserves Fody!

Low FODMAP, no onion, no garlic.

Size: 16 oz (453 g) 


Diced Tomatoes, Tomato Puree (Water, Tomato Paste), Jalapeno Peppers, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, Cilantro, Lime Juice Concentrate, Cumin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 403 reviews
C J.
Tastes good and no GI issue

I always liked mild but had issues now I don't worry about it. Tastes like it should.

Miss Multiple packs of Salsa

I recall that you used to sell multiple packs of the same product (such as Salsa), in addition to multiple packs of mixed products. I am disappointed to see that you don't seem to do this anymore. It was cheaper to buy a multipack of Salsa that could last for a long time rather than buying them singly.

So great!

I've MISSED salsa SO MUCH!!!! I used to have an entire family sized bag of tortilla chips with salsa every Friday night for years (seriously!). Then I started having GI issues and hadn't had salsa for seven years. SEVEN years! Found this salsa, bought it - and y'all. The first bite was HEAVEN. And every bite after. And every bite since! And no GI issues at all!! It's great, I LOVE it so much! I'm SO happy!!!!!


Great for chips, dips, and dishes. Love Salsa and now I can eat it.

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