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Low FODMAP Trail Mix | Woodpecker Blend | FODY Foods Co.

Low FODMAP Trail Mix
Woodpecker Multipack Bag
(6x Mini Packs)

Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free


Our Woodpecker Organic Low FODMAP trail mix blend is composed of delicious pumpkin and sunflower seeds, coconut chips, cranberries, pecans, and hazelnuts, and is your ultimate travel companion.

Each 30g mini packet has been carefully prepared to be Monash Certified Low FODMAP, and is also gluten-free and lactose-free - a perfect pack of Low FODMAP diet snacks!

This multipack bag of Low FODMAP diet snacks contains 6x 30g mini organic trail mix packets.



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There are no FODY recipes that use this product yet. See all our low FODMAP recipes here.


Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Safe snacks!

I’m at an early phase of the FODMAP journey, and my life has improved a great deal. Trouble is, I miss having small snacks for those moments when I’m tempted by something I shouldn’t eat. Sure, cutting up carrot sticks is an ideal, but that doesn’t hold up against ice cream. This trail mix tastes great, and helps me enjoy eating smart. Thank you for making hard-to-find safe foods so easy to get.

Perfect Little Snack

This is just the little snack I need in between meals to keep up my energy. And it’s all measured out so that my stomach can tolerate it!

Ok in a pinch

Wasn’t super satisfying sadly. Lacking flavour- heavy on the seeds and Didnt realize the hazelnuts weren’t roasted. Pecans didn’t taste particularly roasted either. All tasted a bit stale. You really end up paying for the packaging. I wouldn’t buy these again.



Good taste but nothing special

I liked the flavor but I didn't think that they were anything special that couldn't possibly be purchased in the grocery store or possibly like Whole Foods or somewhere like that. For what they are and the fact that they probably could be purchased locally, I think they were a bit overpriced, but if I was buying from this company again I might just to order them again. But only because I like cranberries. Without the Cranberries I would never order them again. And I wish they had a lot more cranberries in it.