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Low FODMAP Trail Mix Mockingbird Blend | Gluten & Dairy Free | Fody Food Co.

Mockingbird Multipack Bag

6 x Mini Packs
Gluten & Lactose Free


Our Mockingbird Organic Low FODMAP trail mix blend is composed of delicious nuts, banana chips, dark chocolate, and puffed quinoa and is your ultimate travel companion.

Each 30g mini packet has been carefully prepared to be Monash Certified Low FODMAP, and is also gluten-free and lactose-free - a perfect pack of Low FODMAP diet snacks!

This multipack bag of Low FODMAP diet snacks contains 6x 30g mini organic trail mix packets.



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There are no FODY recipes that use this product yet. See all our low FODMAP recipes here.


Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
snacks mockingbird bag

The content was fine but there was so very little and cost so much
In addition I thought you were in the usa but I got charged a fee
for international transaction very disappointing.

Mockingbird 6 pack

Great snack, convenient for work or if running out the door.

Great On Hand Snack

I sometimes find it hard to find a snack that I like in its entirety, the Mockingbird Trail mix is one that I absolutely LOVE in its entirety and don't pick out offensive parts. I really like to have these in my purse to have on hand for a quick breakfast or mid-day snack. It has the perfect balance of protein to tide me over and sweet to give me a slight boost. I also like that the wrapper isn't too crinkly and loud. So far all the FODY foods I have purchased have not disappointed. I am looking forward to ordering more of these. These super came in handy when I was tailgating with some friends who were eating standard chips and junk foods, I had these for myself and I was quite satisfied and satiated and did not have to figure something out to snack on while inside the concert venue. These don't upset my stomach. FODY is in tune with what combos work.



Not enough of an issue to reduce a star rating but...

I LOVE this mix and didn’t even know I liked some of the things in it on an individual basis. My only issue was that because of shipping, I’m sure, the chocolate had melted and makes it a bit messy to eat even after being refrigerated. But that’s no big deal, I can always lick the chocolate off the inside of the bag if I get desperate! Love FODY products!!! Btw, try the BBQ chips, best I’ve ever had!