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Low FODMAP Mild Salsa | 6 Pack | Fody Food Co.

Low FODMAP Mild Salsa
6 Pack
Gluten Free


Ole! Never miss another Taco Tuesday. Low FODMAP nachos are now a reality with our delicious, bright flavored Low FODMAP salsa. Fiesta time!

Comes with 6 jars of FODY's Low FODMAP salsa. Bundle and save!

One serving of this product has been tested and certified Low FODMAP by Monash University.



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There are no FODY recipes that use this product yet. See all our low FODMAP recipes here.


Customer Reviews

Based on 214 reviews
Like restaurant salsa but very acidic

Salsa?! For those with IBS?! Mind blown. Here’s the thing. People are very opinionated about salsa. Some like sweet, others prefer spicy, while still others rage against whether salsa should be chunky or not. I fall into more the sweet and tangy camp. For example, I love mango salsa or Trader Joe’s chunky peach salsa. If you heartedly disagree with me, then this review may not be for you. I found Fody’s salsa to taste very much like the spicy authentic restaurant style salsa that leaves a little heat in the mouth. That’s okay by me, however this salsa was way too acidic for me. I could feel it in my throat. Of course tomatoes are naturally quite acidic, so maybe a little baking powder or an alkaline veg mind balance that acid out for my tastes. Hoping Fody keeps experimenting. Thank you.


Being placed on the low fodmap diet by my GI has made me feel deprived, and this is a wonderful substitute for traditional salsa..

Delicious salsa

I can eat corn tortilla chips, so I was glad to find the Fody mild salsa. I’m glad, also, there are no onions nor peppers in it. I used to try and pick those out of other salsas. Now, I don’t have to do that. This salsa is also good with scrambled eggs and omelets.

Sooo Delicious

i have been living without salsa for years and am so happy to find this salsa. Great taste that my whole family can enjoy.

Mild Salsa

This salsa is one of the best low fodmap products I have tried. I really enjoy eating it and love it with eggs, chips and as a dip. Thanks for making it mild.