Cinnamon Seed Crunch
Breakfast Cereal

Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free


FODY Cinnamon Seed Crunch is the perfect combination of tasty and wholesome ingredients.

Each spoonful is packed with crunchy whole corn flakes, nutritious super seeds, and a dash of cinnamon.

Enjoy a hearty bowl to start your day off right!



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There are no FODY recipes that use this product yet. See all our low FODMAP recipes here.


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Better as Granola

Love this as a granola snack right out of the bag. Didn't like it as much with actual milk in true cereal form.

Also, just a kind note to the manufacturer... the packaging of all your products need to step it up! These boxes are terrible (I've never said that about a cereal box before) and rips almost looking at it. The dressing bottles feel flimsy and leak a bit. I once received a BBQ sauce from this company where the seal was broken and it had molded... That being said--the contents INSIDE are great and I will continue to purchase. I imagine it's just something this company is still figuring out.

Food I can eat out of a box. Who'd have thought?

Having an idiopathic food allergy is no fun. Cinnamon Seed Crunch is on a very short list of processed foods I can eat. It's WONDERFUL (and I'd give it a 5 star rating if it was organic). I eat it in lots of ways - with sunflower butter, with banana, as a granola on buckwheat, with almond milk/stevia.

It's Tasty, Spendy, & Not That Filling

I really like this cereal -- not too cinnamon-y and not too sweet. I do find the 55g serving size (which I do weigh out each morning) does not keep me full for very long so I have to supplement my breakfast with additional protein or eat it on days when I know I don't have as much of a wait until a break (am a student). I do not think the tiny box really warrants such a price tag BUT I am glad I bought it and will likely buy it again, however infrequently.

Very tasty!

he first time I purchased this cereal, it tasted stale, I emailed the company informing them, and I gave it another shot. The recipe was corrected or it was a good batch. I like that is crunchy, and not too sweet. Just glad someone is making low fodmap products. overall a good meal.

Great Cereal

Since i had to change my diet cereal was one of the things I had to give up. I really missed it so when I found this I was so excited! It was slightly different from cereals I had been eating, more like granola. I love it. Its good and crunchy with a nice cinnamon flavor. I'm thrilled that I've found a good cereal!