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Low FODMAP French Dressing | Onion & Garlic Free | Fody Food Co.

French Dressing

Gluten, Lactose, Onion & Garlic Free


Lettuce eat!

Dress up any meal with mouthwatering flavor. Our Low FODMAP salad dressing formulas feature extra virgin olive oil, expeller-pressed sunflower oil, Himalayan pink sea salt, raw organic cane sugar (among other delicious and clean ingredients), and are gluten, lactose, onion and garlic free!

One serving of this product has been tested and certified Low FODMAP by Monash University.



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There are no FODY recipes that use this product yet. See all our low FODMAP recipes here.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I have never ever had such an amazing dressing in my life! Delicious!!!!!


This is a nice, mild dressing that blends well on salad without overwhelming it.

I like it.

It taste just like French dressing and that it is low FODMAP makes it even better.

my review on the forrrwrench dressing

when I first opened up the bottle of the low fodmap french dressing...I have to say it looked like the tomato and onion and their friends got into a very bad fist other words it doesn't look like french dressing at all....but when i tasted the low fodmap french dressing i was amazed at how awesome it tasted! because for me trying to eat a salad without french dressing is maybe some day i can send fodys some food coloring then it will be 6 stars :) ...oh and just a warning for all of you who like french dressing should order 4 bottles since the bottles are pretty small ....I mean they look big but it must be the thick glass of the bottle since the french dressing seems to disappear way to fast....okay i'm out of review brain cells you all have a nice day :)


To start, I didn't use French dressing much prior to me starting my low fodmap diet so I won't be the best at comparing apples to apples. However my wife and I used to have a standing Taco Salad Tuesday where we would use Catalina dressing but this French Dressing is a wonderful substitute to add to my taco salad. It's also really good on a standard house salad.