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An image of Fody’s Summer Garden Pasta on a white plate on a crisp white napkin, beside a jar of Fody’s tomato-basil sauce.

Warm weather calls for loads of veggies, but pasta season never ends! Inspired by a recipe from everyone’s favorite celebrity chef, Ina Garten, this Summer Garden Pasta recipe is nothing short of perfection.

An image of the perfect cheesy vegetarian pasta: Fody's Loaded Veggie Pasta with Mozzarella, tossed in red sauce, is displayed in a pan next to two jars of sauce, fresh mozzarella balls and fresh basil leaves.

Cheesy veggie pasta...yes please! Get your veggies on with this gluten free vegetarian pasta dish! Gluten free penne pasta is tossed in Fody’s Spicy Marinara Sauce along with sauteed eggplant, zucchini and red bell peppers!

An image of Fody’s Spicy Mussels and Pasta with Garlic Bread. This low FODMAP seafood pasta is on a white plate beside a piece of garlic bread. A jar of FODY's olive oil and spicy marinara are also in the frame.

Fresh mussels are simmered in broth, tossed with pasta and covered in Fody’s Spicy Marinara Sauce for a savory low FODMAP seafood pasta dish that makes dining at home feel special.

Fody's Spicy Shrimp Pasta with Spinach

Succulent shrimp, fresh spinach and gluten free pasta all tossed in a rich & spicy marinara sauce! This pasta dish is so simple to make and full of Italian flair! It comes together in less than 30 minutes making it an easy meal for a weeknight!

A plate loaded with Fody's chicken parmesan pasta bake with penne arrabiata. Beside the plate is a jar of Fody's Spicy Marinara sauce and a pinch bowl of parmesan.

This chicken parmesan pasta bake with penne boasts bold flavors and a mild spice that kicks a classic dish up a notch. Coming together in just 40 minutes, it’s the perfect easy low FODMAP meal for a weeknight dinner or to add to your holiday spread this season!

Two bowls of bloat-free pasta e fagioli laid out beside a jar of Fody's vegan bolognese.

A bloat-free spin on classic pasta e fagioli! It’s loaded with 2 types of beans, lots of veggies, gluten free pasta and Italian herbs & spices! This healthy pasta dish is the perfect weeknight meal

An image of a white bowl of vegan bolognese pasta on a white background beside a gold fork

Enjoy a bit of nostalgic home cooking with this vegetarian or vegan comfort food recipe, an upgraded twist on the classic “Hamburger Helper”. Featuring Fody's Vegan Bolognese sauce, this cheesy pasta dish is a low FODMAP vegetarian recipe that's perfect for an easy weeknight meal you can whip up in a flash!

A casserole of Fody's Sausage, Kale and Pumpkin Baked Ziti. Gluten-free pasta coated with pumpkin and sausage is topped with whole sage leaves. The casserole is white, and two wooden spoons protrude from this low-fodmap pasta dish.

Get ready to cozy up to the most delicious autumn-inspired meal, featuring Fody Foods Marinara Sauce and Garlic-Infused Oil! This pumpkin, sausage and kale baked ziti is a healthy pumpkin recipe and gluten free pasta dish, and it's a festive take on an Italian classic that is simple to make and so much fun to eat.

Fody gluten-free seafood linguine recipe with Fody marinara sauce

Linguine Marinara aka seafood linguine is a classic Italian pasta dish that’s filled with fresh seafood and rich, savory flavor. And while it has us dreaming of a vacation in coastal Italy, it can also leave those of us with sensitive stomachs feeling bloated and uncomfortable.


Slurpy noodles? Check. Crispy tofu? You bet. Vitamin C and K, and iron and calcium-rich crunchy bok choy? Yes! And when you combine all of these with ready-to-use Fody Teriyaki Sauce & Marinade and a little heat from a fresh chili pepper, this easy Low FODMAP dinner comes together in a flash.


Fody’s Creamy Tomato Basil Penne with Spinach and Mushrooms is a colorful, plant-based, and veggie-packed Low FODMAP pasta recipe. Serve this recipe as-is for a flavorful vegan dish or top it with a serving of shrimp, scallops, or chicken for a boost of protein.



Fody's lean turkey meatball recipe with low FODMAP pasta sauce can be served any way you want it- on its own, over spaghetti, or as a tasty meatball sandwich!


Making Low FODMAP, gluten-free gnocchi from scratch might sound daunting, and we know it won’t be a familiar recipe to most, but we are excited to show you how easy they are!


Eat the rainbow! This is a fantastic low FODMAP salad for a light dinner (add some tofu or rotisserie chicken) or makes for a portable (and delicious!) lunch!


In this spring-like pasta dish, low FODMAP and gluten-free pasta combines fresh baby spinach, shreds of prosciutto, and peas (that's right, peas)!


This low FODMAP pesto pasta uses walnuts and a blend of basil & parsley for a gorgeous color and fantastic taste that goes beautifully with shrimp!

Fody's Sesame Ginger Low FODMAP Shrimp & Noodles

Fody's Low FODMAP Sesame Ginger Sauce & Marinade helps you create super-fast low FODMAP dinners packed with flavor. This Sesame Ginger Low FODMAP Shrimp recipe is gingery and tangy, light and satisfying!

Fody's Slow Cooker Spicy Low FODMAP Tomato Meat Sauce

Using a slow cooker to create a rich Low FODMAP tomato sauce is a thing of beauty - and using Fody's Low FODMAP Pasta Sauces as an ingredient for a more complex dish makes it easy!

Fody's Low FODMAP Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce with Sausage & Broccolini

Fody's flavorful low FODMAP Arrabbiata Sauce can be used straight out of the jar, but with a little tweaking, you can create a truly hearty low FODMAP recipe with sausage and broccolini!


This Low FODMAP lasagna soup recipe marries traditional Italian flavors with IBS-friendly ingredients to create a classic dish worthy of restaurants along Venice’s Grand Canal.

Low FODMAP Pasta Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Feta & Dill

This low FODMAP pasta salad features corkscrew Fusilli pasta with fresh cherry tomatoes, cucumber and lots of fresh dill in addition to your choice of dressing: we suggest either Fody's Garden Herb or Caesar Low FODMAP Salad Dressing.

Spring & Summer Roasted Vegetable Low FODMAP Lasagna

What makes this low FODMAP lasagna suitable for Spring and Summer? A lighter approach with low fat cheeses and loads of seasonal veggies! It takes some time to put together, but it is not difficult and it will please FODMAPers as well as everyone else.

Low FODMAP Pasta: Spaghetti & Meatballs

A beloved classic of both restaurants and kitchen tables, spaghetti & meatballs is a staple for moms and Maître D's alike. If you're looking for a versatile low FODMAP pasta you can serve to family or guests, look no further than this recipe from Dédé Wilson.

Low FODMAP Lasagna with Spinach

Need to feed a large group but worry about FODMAP content in traditional lasagna recipes? Fody has you covered with this delicious recipe for a low FODMAP lasagna everyone will enjoy! Especially anyone concerned about aggravating their IBS or SIBO symptoms.

Cheesy Low FODMAP Beef & Pasta, One-Pan Style

Need to serve the kids a hearty supper before the big soccer game without triggering anyone's IBS symptoms? This simple recipe for one-pan cheesy low FODMAP beef and pasta is the perfect solution. Eat your fill and get everyone in the minivan without worrying about your digestive health.

Low FODMAP Steak & Veggie Gorgonzola Pasta

Perfect for an elegant date night dinner, this low FODMAP steak and veggie gorgonzola pasta recipe is fast and easy to make. More importantly, it won't trigger your IBS symptoms thanks to Fody Food's low FODMAP spices and oils.